Die Cutting

Die Cutting: Cutting an image or shape into or out of paper using a sharp steel rule. Used to create presentation folders, report covers, door hangers and packaging.
Perforating: Punching a sheet of paper with a special steel rule, which has teeth that create a series of small holes to allow a part of the sheet to be easily detached.
Scoring: Using a steel rule to partly crease paper so that it will fold easily at a desired line without cracking the fiber of the paper.
Kiss Cutting: Die cutting the top layer, but not the backing layer, of self-adhesive paper. Commonly used for peel off stickers.



Die Cutting, Scoring, Perforating, Kiss Cutting

Pocket Folders, Door Hangers, File Folders, Certificate and Report Covers, Labels, Product Hangers, Shelf-Talkers, Table Tents, Peel Off Stickers, Custom shapes and intricate die cutting designs are our specialty.

Sheet Size
4.25 x 5.5 to 25 x 35
20# text to 60 pt. Paper, Leather, Plastic
Hundreds of commonly used dies available for your pocket folders, door hangers, shapes and more.
Application Specialties:
Die Cut, Perforate, Score, Kiss Cut
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