Embossing: A method of impressing an image using a specially made die under high pressure to form a raised three-dimensional impression onto the surface of paper.
Single-Level Emboss: The embossed image area is raised to just one flat level.
Multi-Level Emboss: The embossed image area is raised to multiple levels having different depths.
Blind Emboss: A design which is not stamped over a printed image or with a foil. The color of the embossed image is the same as the color of the surface.
Registered Emboss: This is an embossed image that is in exact alignment to a printed or foil stamped image. The printed image area is embossed to give a three-dimensional look and feel.
Sculptured Emboss: The embossed image area has more of a contour with various levels of depth to make the image appear realistic and multi dimensional.
Printed Emboss: The embossed image area registers with printed image. Depending on customer requirements and specifications, the bevel can stay inside the printed image or go outside it.
Foil Emboss: Combining Foil Stamping with Embossing to create more depth and texture than Foil Stamping alone.
Deboss: The surface is depressed instead of raised as in embossing.



Presentation Folders, Certificates, Certificate and Report Covers, Book Covers, Letterheads, Envelopes, Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Wine and Cigar Labels, Note Cards, and many other types of marketing, identity and specialty items.
Sheet Size
4.25 x 5.5 to 18 x 28
20# text to 18 pt.
Application Specialties:
Blind, Registered, Sculptured, Printed, Foil Emboss, Deboss
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